Week 1 is in the books. That can mean only one thing: P-A-N-I-C!

Small sample size is exactly what we want to use to draw conclusions and predict the future. So, here are all my  reasons from all my different teams to panic after Week 1:

-My two top-10 superflex QBs (Mayfield & Newton) put up a combined 14.9 points. Panic!

-My weak spot on one of my teams, WR2, gave me two WRs that scored touchdowns… and I still lost. Panic!

-My stacked team of positional player studs in a start-five league (Zeke, Conner, Hill, JuJu, and M. Thomas) scored a combined one TD. Panic!

-My bench outscored my starters. Panic!

-My top WR (T. Hill — whom I have in multiple leagues) got injured — as did Mixon, Shepard, and others. Panic!

-My bench player (J. Allen) that my gut told me to start outscored my stud player (Rodgers) that my gut told me to bench. Panic!

-I scored the fewest points in my league. Panic!

-Zach Ertz got outscored by every TE that I had flagged on the waiver wire. Panic!

-My 16-0 team last year (that’s right, 16-0!!) already has more losses in 2019 than it did in all of 2018. Panic!

-I lost to an opponent who started Mitchell Trubisky, Chris Godwin, Christian Kirk, and Curtis Samuel. Panic!

-I lost by 0.1 points to an opponent who started Melvin Gordon. Panic!

-My waiver wire Week 1 gem (John Ross III) scored monster points on the waiver wire. Panic!

-I’m a combined 0-7. Panic!

Yup, things didn’t go my way in Week 1, and obviously the only thing for me to do is to Panic! It’s already a lost season, and Week 1 has told me everything that I need to know: P-A-N-I-C!

I am long-time fantasy football player (entering my 24th year), a long-serving commissioner of multiple leagues, and creator and designer of two leagues, including a one-of-a-kind contract league.